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BLKN Mobile –  Melting Imagination

Cover / Saša Đorđević (Some Call Us Balkans – CC BY-SA 4.0)

Melting Imagination

The exhibtion BLKN Mobile – Melting Imagination is the result of a month-long Artist Residency in Banja Luka, ASSEMBLING BL(KN). With the scope of creating a collective of Artist-Travellers, through a process of mutual learning and sensitization, developed collective and individual practices to investigate the urban, social and traveling ‘Balkan’ context.

Starting from the city center of Banja Luka reaching out the industrial complex of Incel in the East part of town, the 8 Artist-travelers participating to SCUB Residency Assembling BL(KN), will choreograph their audio-visual, performative and narrative interventions, practices and installations as part of an in becoming traveling research format and imagination named: BLKN Mobile. While announcing the upcoming journey across the 6 Urban Sites of the “Balkan” peninsula, the 8 artist-travelers will present their tools, works, researches and intents in their fragmentary yet joint hybrid character. The exhibition melts together camp aesthetics, collective chatartic rituals, theatrical urban audio exploration, public space performances, lullabies chants, public art installation under the guise of women condition in “Balkans”, participatory film practices, urban intervention and imaginative provocations. By breaching stereotypical imagination of contemporary notion and misconceptions of “Balkans”, the exhibition becomes a journey across the role of art in shaping reality and our understanding of the world.

The residency was organized as a process of co-creation, through moments of collective and individual reflection on what the ‘Balkans’ are, will be and can be. Working on different research streams and aesthetics the artist-travellers were accompanied by a set of international and local experts, and communities through workshops, site-visits, team-building activities, public events in the co-creation of individual and collective artistic practices.  Expanding on SCUB overarching frame of reclaiming the term ‘Balkan’, and its multiple meanings, while contesting social structures that produce divides between people and other people, people and their environment, the Artists were led to imagine their role as travelers and researchers in ‘Balkans’. The research interest, tools and ideas developed during the residency will be implemented throughout the dramaturgy of a travel itinerary of which the artists, the developed practices and actio

with Artist- Travellers

Ale Riletti

Lea Blau

Mary Marinopoulou

Sezer Salihi

Jelena Gajinović

Diona Kusari

Jelena Luise

Lori Lako

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