s Some Call Us Balkans (SCUB), cultural cooperation project co-funded by Creative Europe, is a transdisciplinary research and community that aims to mobilise the collective creation of knowledge and imagination, enabling representations of the Balkans beyond borders and nationalisms. SCUB implements art-based participatory research practices to deconstruct myths and misconceptions about the Balkans, building a common ground for cross-border cooperation, sociocultural transformation and co-creation. Starting through an initial research in six different Balkan sites and communities, SCUB follows three main research streams: The Commons and Right to the City, Migration and Labour, Cultural and Natural Heritage, envisioning new ecologies, modes of inhabiting the Balkans and coming together on a common ground. The final outcome of the project will be the co-creation of a mobile forum and a travel itinerary crossing all partners' locations. The project engages with a wide spectrum of topics, including ecology, mobility, citizenship, environment, gender issues, minorities, memory, identity, public space and borders. ‘Balkan’ Myths and
Mar-Jul 2021 SCUB Activities Art-based research
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Foundation of a
travelling imagination
22-24 Jul 2021 Partners residency, Berlin
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BL(K)N RES(T) 4-29 Oct 2021 Kick-off meeting, Florence
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Collective Terms
of Action
Active Open call
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BL Mobile Forum upcoming Residency, Banja Luka
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The Ground
Tour Journey
upcoming Travelling practice
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Another week is completed in Assembling BL(KN) #Residency at DKC Incel in #Banja Luka!
For this time, SCUB partner @zkuberlin with critical #urban pedagogist Miodrag Kuč, held a participatory #workshop regarding #artistic practices in the contested social realm.

Did you know that you can also listen to a SCUB #podcast?
Within the frame of Assembling BL(KN) #Residency, the Ground Tour Project shares the ongoing and open story Some Call them #Balkans in the form of an #interactive and co-created space for collective and active reimagining.

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